Link Building, Traffic and SEO

Link Building, Traffic and SEO

If you are new in this blogging business, you probably won’t know what link building is all about and what it means to a site. You will probably be too concerned about your google adsense earnings and neglect the most effective way to increase it. Apart from being a source of traffic, quality links from sites with high pagerank pointing to your blog always go a long way in boosting your ranking in search engine results.
Aside from writing quality contents, building quality links pointing to your blog should be your target especially if you desire a huge traffic from google search results. Have you ever wondered how google sorts out search results, placing some sites before others? Are you worried because your site or blog never comes up even when you search for a phrase or keywords specific to your site?
Like they always say, content is king but having quality backlinks is the most effective way to make google notice your content. When search results are displayed, google takes a lot into consideration before ranking some sites high above another. Google uses a mathematical formula called an Algorithm to display search results in order of preference and this involves up to 200 components. Some of these include
1. Use of keywords
2. Pagerank (which is directly proportional to your baclinks)
3. Quality content
4. Traffic
5. How old the domain is
Pagerank is one of the most important. Having sites relating to your blog category linking to your site is a major way to boost your pagerank. This does not imply that you must find links to your site even from sites with low reputation. Backlinks from sites with very low reputation or sites with no relevance to keywords appearing on your site will only hurt your google pagerank and thereby making your site have a lower pagerank.
Google remains the largest source of traffic for your blog and appearing on the first ten results is the only way because nobody will go through millions of search results just to find your blog!
How to Get Quality Backlinks
Now there are two types of backlinks:
1. One way backlink – this kind of backlink is considered the most important as only the site points to your blog without any link to the site appearing on your site.
2. Two way backlink – this too is has it’s own importance but not as effective as the first. This is the case with most directory listing and partnership, you have to link back to sites that link yo you.
i. commenting on blog posts across the internet
ii. partnership (a mutual agreement between site owners to link to eachother)
iii. directory listing
111. paid SEO (paying someone to do all the dirty job)
iv. Encouraging your readers to link your contents
v. posting in forums
vi. guest blogging
These are only some of the various ways to get those precious backlinks, not all. Improving your ranking in search results depend largely on your backlinks, so get as many as you can BUT DO NOT SPAM.

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