Five Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Five Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog
When you blog for money you need to create your own content (and lots of it!), implement advertisement programs like Google AdSense and WidgetBucks, and last but not least – you need traffic.
In our offline lives we dread it, but online we embrace it. I want to give you 5 ways to start driving traffic to your blog today. With a little time and patience, you will slowly start to increase your viewer ship.
(In no particular order)
5.) Post comments on other blogs.
Blogs are everywhere – there’s certainly not a shortage of them. You should have no problem finding other bloggers in your niche that are popular and interesting. Bookmark those that you like, follow their topics daily, and if you find something that sparks your interest – comment.
Become a participating voice in the community. The more interesting your comments are, the more likely your peers will follow you to your blog. And who knows – you might stand out among the crowd and be recognized by the author, which can spin off into better opportunities.
4.) Register with blog networks like: Technorati, BlogCatalog, and MyBlogLog
It’s important that you get your blog out there for others to see. You can start the process by submitting to search engines, but that’s just the beginning. Technorati, BlogCatalog, and MyBlogLog are just a few of the high profile blog networks on the web. Register with them, network with other people in your releated area, and get your word out.
When you register with these services remember a couple of things:
1.) Create a detailed profile. Let people know a little bit about you and draw them in. Without that personal interaction people may flee quickly.
2.) Tag your blog properly. Tags are very important – they’re usually one or two word descriptions of your blog. So for example my blog would fall under categories like: Money, Business, and Finance. Dig around the specific service and look for popular tags and try to use those for your blog. It allows people who are interested in these topics to easily find your site.
3.) Register with several forums.
Do a Google search for forums that are related to your niche and register. Try to be an active voice in the community. People will flock to you if you’re interesting. Not only that but it allows you to find out what others are doing and what makes them appealing.
When you register with a forum, make sure to fill out the profile, similar to the blogging services. And equally as important – make a signature that is a direct link to your blog. Your signature is shown in every post that you make – helping you gain visibility. This is all the more reason to create thought provoking discussions.
2.) Social Bookmarking and Article Submission.
Social networking, bookmarking, and article submissions are all the rage today – don’t let it pass you by. Some of the major networks include delicious, Furl, and of course, Digg. These sites will allow you to tag, bookmark, and submit articles that you think are interesting. What’s more interesting than your own work? People should know about it so go spread the word.

1.) StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon really falls into tip #2, but I decided to break it away from the pack because it provides quicker results. Like the rest of the social networking sites, you create a profile and network with others. But what makes StumbleUpon so darn unique, is that you can “stumble” thousands of sites that you’re interested in by the click of a button. So what does that mean for you? Well, you can stumble your own site. By doing this you get into the Stumble rotation, and any people that you network with can stumble across it as well.
In my experience StumbleUpon can bring great surges of traffic for short periods of time. Due to the nature of the service, you’re likely to get overlooked more than not; however, those that do stop – tend to stay. And if they like the site, they can rate it and review it for all the friends in their network to see. Are you getting the picture here? Your viewer ship has the potential to explode!
As with most things in life, there’s no silver bullet for getting traffic. It takes a lot of research, careful planning, networking, patience, and time. If you have what it takes and start using my recommendations, you will definitely start to see an increase. Hopefully that increase in traffic will help you blog for money.

How to earn money through your Blog

1. Sell advertising. This is likely the most common means of leveraging a blog to generate income. If yours happens to become a well-known blog, or one that is well-received in a particular niche, it’s always possible to sell ad space on your own. For Bing Blogs and services such as Google’s AdSense or BlogAds, bloggers can establish ad programs. AdSense’s — which lets you select several ads that are consistent with the content of your blog — pays you based on how many readers click on the ads for further information. Even better, it’s free. BlogAds, on the other hand, hooks bloggers up with would-be advertisers and levies a commission in return for any ad placements that result. “The nice thing, too, is that the ads are relatively unobtrusive,” says Scott Allen, co-author of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online.

2. Help sell others’ products. Here is another click-through opportunity. Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a conduit between readers and online sites offering various goods and services. One popular choice is If, for instance, you offer book reviews or even just mention a book in passing in your blog, an affiliate program provides a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to obtain further information about the book.
If they break out the checkbook or charge card, you get paid as well.
3. Solicit contributions. Not every blog-related income opportunity involves hawking goods or services. As Blanche DuBois said in A Streetcar Named Desire, consider relying on the kindness of strangers. Ask for contributions. If, for instance, your small-business blog supports a cause or issue in some fashion — say you repeatedly mention tax reform, health care or some other topic — you can always ask for reader support. Even if you’ve attracted a group of regular followers who simply enjoy reading what you have to say, they may be willing to underwrite their loyalty with a little financial help. Programs such as PayPal make it easy to establish a simple on-site contribution collection button. “There are lots of worthy ’cause’ blogs that would qualify for donations from grateful members of the blog community,” says Las Vegas communications consultant Ned Barnett.

4. Market your services in your blog. Many people associate blogs exclusively with a cyberspace-based soapbox — a place to shout your opinions and little more than that. Granted, blogs are an ideal venue to share your thoughts with others, but don’t overlook their capacity to generate new business as well. When appropriate, work in references to what you do and, in turn, what you may be able to offer any would-be client or customer who may be reading your blog. That can spread your opinion and your business moxie at the same time.”Instead of short commentaries that begin a dialogue with readers, as many blogs do, I write the equivalent of journal articles that demonstrate my abilities, strategies and perspectives on specific issues,” Barnett says. “When it resonates, it means money. Since starting this approach, I have generated three new paying clients and brought in about $10,000 on revenue — directly attributable to specific blogs.”
5. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relations. Nor does any marketing material inserted in blog content have to be limited to bringing in completely new business. By using a blog to regularly communicate with existing clients as well as other readers, you can take advantage of the opportunity to fully inform them about everything your business does. That may expand your readers’ understanding of the full scope of your products or services.”My blog has helped existing clients determine the range of my skills and services,” says Ted Demopoulos of Demopoulos Associates, a Durham, N.H. consulting and training concern. “One client who had only used me for training in the past was surprised at my range of expertise and is now using me for a consulting project. Another who only used me on technical projects is now considering me for a more business-oriented project.”

Genuine Ways to Earn Money on Internet

It becomes important to know the available major ways   to earn money on internet and the concerned method of execution before you decide your money making model of choice. Here I will talk of 13 effective online money-making-models giving you an overview of the ways so that you can take a better decision about which way to go. Now let us concentrate on the ways.
1.Creating Websites
Creating different type of websites and making it profitable is one of the major ways to earn money on internet.   Websites could be about anything in any market. Market Research, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis  and the ultimate profitability analysis are the not-to-avoid steps in order to decide what your site will be about. You have to decide as per the resources and investment capability you have. Opportunities are endless in the true sense. You find out a market and give them what they want.
earn money on internet
2.Creating Blogs
Creating  business blogs would surely earn you significant amount of money online if you do it like an internet marketer. Blogging only for socializing may not be profitable but when you do it with a specific business orientation in mind it becomes highly profitable. You might be knowing that search engines love blogs for its updating nature and ranks well in SERP without much effort. You can even get started for free with Blogger.Com if you are short of money. Those who want to blog like a professional, should blog on WordPress platform  with custom domain and Hosting. Steps like Finding a Market, Researching Keywords, Analyzing Competitors, Profitable selection of keywords and ultimately making good use of the keywords by writing useful articles/Providing useful content are what you need to do to make your blogging rewarding. 
3.Selling Your Products/Services
Selling your products/services online to make big times  takes a bit of advanced strategies like , Quality Product/Service, building credibility, Portfolio Presentation, Good Sales Copy, Email Marketing, Recruiting Affiliates and continuous support in place. But digital information products like Ebooks can easily be sold by different easier techniques. Good SEO practice comes into play here.
We often call it Freelancing when we provide services as an individual without any long term commitment to employers. So Freelancing is a viable solution to earn money on internet.
4.Selling on Ebay

Concept of drop shipping applies on Company like EBay. Lot of people from around the world created their virtual shops in EBay and making good profit everyday. You can also have your cut by being an EBay seller of different kind of products you think fit. You will have to choose the kind of products you want to sell on Ebay. Here is a good guide to learn selling on Ebay.
5.Selling Advertisements

In order to sell advertisements you need to have any of the following web properties or combination of them like, Website, Blog, Forum, Portal, Article directories, Web Directories, Blog Directories etc. Selling advertisements can be of different models. In the Pay Per Click (PPC) market AdSense has earned a good name and enjoys leadership. You will get lot of options when you intend to monetize your site by selling advertisements.
AdSense has earned the status of favourite money maker for countless internet marketers. Concept is very simple. You run AdSense ads in your web properties ( Website/Blog/Forum/Portal etc) and get paid when visitors click on the ads displayed. The beauty of the system is you get paid just for sending visitors to advertiser sites and  you do not need to talk to individual advertisers whose adverts are being run in your site, you just talk to Google in this regard.
AdSense can make you huge money if you go by Google’s quality guidelines regarding creating AdSense sites.
7.Becoming an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is about earning commissions for selling other people’s products or services. Selling is not a must all the times. You can get paid just for giving leads to a business aka CPA. In a broader point of view AdSense itself is a style of affiliate marketing where you get paid per click.
The beauty of the system is you do not need a product/service of your own and no need to support any customers or clients. You just sell the product through your affiliate link, owner of the product/service will take care of the rest.
Your affiliate marketing strategy will widely vary depending upon the type of market you would like to be in. It will vary depending upon whether you want to sell digital products (ClickBank.Com) or physical products (Amazon.Com). For any kind of affiliate marketing strategy the go-to-guy is Mark Ling.
8.Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a good affiliate network to do business with. Signing up is free. You will find lot of CPA (Get paid per lead) offers and conventional affiliate offers (Get paid per sale) to promote. You have to take the affiliate link of the product you are interested to promote and promote the link by different state-of-the-art promotional strategies.
9.Doing MLM
MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. It follows a geometric progression chain style inclusion of people in your downline (Under You). Speak Asia, My Video Talk, Herbal Life, Amway are some popular mlm examples to take in this regard. I personally suggest people to not to go for any mlm. But if you can convince others to join in your downline, you have huge possibility of making big times.
The main problem with this type of business model is the instability of the model. You will find lot of online/offline  mlm opportunities get shut down after a certain point of time. Number of losers are always way larger than than that of those who make some. Though the system is unethical, you will find people advocating for certain mlm opportunities because they are having vested interest.
10.Online Trading

Two types of Online Trading you can opt for. Intraday trading and Forex Trading. Intraday trading is all about taking due advantage of minute to minute fluctuations of share prices of most volatile shares within the specified day time (9.30am-3.55pm). Buy low Sell High or Sell High and buy low. Difference will be your profit excluding the brokerage. You can take deliveries also for short term trading which requires payment in full.You need demat account to get started. But a strong word of caution is you must equip yourself with cutting edge knowledge of when and what to buy and sell. This timing thing is very important. You can double, tripple or quadruple your money by taking part in intraday trading. You may loose a lot of money if you don’t minimise your losses using stop loss.
Forex trading  (Trading of Currencies) is open 24X7 unlike intraday which lets you work in day time only. It may be difficult for day JOB (Just Over Broke) doers to get involved in intraday trading but in Forex Trading you have the time flexibility. Educating yourself about the market movements and establishing correlations between share indices of important countries are highly recommended regardless of online trading of any type.

Like offline Gambling, you can play, bet,  gamble online too and make a lot of money from internet. You have the opportunities to play with gamblers around the world. You need lot of money to get started. We do not recommend it because it’s a mere exchange of money and has got nothing to do with production of any sort.

12.Site Flipping
Site Flipping is about creating sites which makes money and selling them in a considerably high price. Website Flipping is better than domain Flipping because domain flipping market is a tougher one. If somebody doesn’t get a .com domain available he goes for .org, .net, .co or country level domain names of his choice. Domain flippers find this tough to digest. But if you can develop sites which make money online, you can easily sell it using sites like Flippa.Com.
13. YouTube
Youtube has become a great tool for video marketing for businesses of any kind. If you can create good videos which people would want to watch, you can earn from your youtube video channels. You have every option to run AdSense ads in your videos after YouTube approves it. Even an one minute video like “Charlie Bit my Finger Again” has earned more than million dollar.  Keyword research, Good quality video, Optimizing the videos for Google and monetizing the videos can make you rich in a short span of time.

10 Tips to Drive Traffic Effectively to a New Blog

10 Tips to Drive Traffic Effectively to a New Blog

It’s easy to start a blog but the hardest part of blogging is driving traffic effectively to that blog. Many new bloggers find it almost impossible to get visitors to read their stuffs, getting less than a hundred page views daily and abandoning their blog out of frustration. Without a meaningful traffic, a blog is almost as good as useless and that is this is one of the main reasons some blogs never get to see the light of the day. New bloggers are often faced with the challenge of getting traffic and increasing their blog’s daily page views. Well, if you’re a new blogger, you ought to know that all the so called “big blogs” you see today started with zero visitors but finally made it. Are you wondering how? I started this blog and somehow managed to get a fairly good traffic…if I did, you too definitely can. According to alexa, this blog is currently listed in the top 100,000 most popular sites in the world all within the frame of a year.
how to drive visitors to a new blog
There are certain ways to drive visitors to that new blog of yours and I’m going to try to list here how I started. All the tips here definitely worked for me and they should work for you too if properly implemented.
1. Social Networking
This really helped me a great deal in the early days of my blog and I must tell you, the first handful of visitors I got was from Facebook. I use twitter a lot less though but it can also be a great source of traffic if properly used. You can’t separate blog traffic from social networking and I think you need to add people with similar interests as friends who would read and appreciate your ideas each time you share link to your new blog post. Also you should have a fully function fan page. You can get free facebook fans in several ways – inviting your friends, showing the badge on your blog and so on.
2. Web Forums
This is used less by bloggers but if you’re new to blogging, you definitely need it. Using popular web forums is one of the quickest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog. You should register in two or three popular web forums and be active there. Post interesting topics in those forums and use your blog as reference once in a while but do not spam. Imagine the traffic you’ll be driving to your blog with a topic that gets up to 1,000 page views in just a day. You should also include your site link in your forum signature as people will definitely check your site when they find your forum post interesting. I got quite some traffic from Nairaland forum and some other international forums when I started out.
3. Blogging Communities
Blogcatalog was the bomb back in 2009, it was a major source of traffic for me back then because I was very active there. I’m not sure it still works like it used to  but there are other blogging communites you can join to drive traffic to your blog. You can join linkreferral, yousaytoo, technorati and some other blogging communities. I used them a lot less these days but you can google out the best of them or ask around.
4. Guest Blogging
You’re a new blogger so don’t expect your guest post to be accepted on but you can still find a popular blog to write for. Writing for a well known blog is a way of exposing your blog which stands to get lots of real traffic if your guest post suddenly goes viral. I normally check out guest authors’ sites each time I read  piece of their writing on other blogs.
5. Blog Directories
I don’t believe in directories that much but you can still drive a handful of traffic to your blog from there. Submitting your blog to directories doesn’t only get you some traffic, it’s also a way of building your backlinks which is pertinent to search engine ranking.
6. Commenting on Popular Blogs
Being a regular commentator on popular blogs can drive one or two people to your blog daily and increase your popularity in the process but this is not the major reason I included it, I included it because it’s a way of building your backlinks also just like the blog directory thing I mentioned earlier.
7. Submitting Articles to Directories
Trust me, you can get thousands of people trooping in to your site by just writing a couple of articles and submitting them to ezine, scribd and the rest of them. More often than not, articles from these directories do come up in search results when properly written. Including your site in the byline and referring to one or two of your blog posts is an ideal way to drive traffic to your blog and some people might even be kind enough to include those backlinks when they use your articles on their blogs.
8. Social Bookmarking
I haven’t been using them much lately but a fellow blogger I know personally wrote a post on the power of stumbleupon and digg, making me realize I’ve been missing out alternative ways to increase my blog’s traffic.
9. Optimize your Blog for Google Search
This is probably the most important of all. Google is the biggest source of traffic in the world for any site and this is a fact. Submit your site to major search engines including google, bing, yahoo and the rest of them. Also, be sure your link building and other search engine optimization techniques are properly implemented. You will even find other sources of traffic negligible when google finally starts driving real visitors to your blog. Optimizing your site for search engine is a long time process though, but it definitely pays at the long run as you will be increasing your alexa traffic rank and google page rank at the same time.
10. Read Like Crazy
Yes, you heard me right, read like crazy. I know you’re probably a good reader by reading through this boring piece right till the end but you need to read more like it. Get different ideas from probloggers, read every ebook on blogging you can lay your hands on, subscribe to newsletters based on blogging tips, driving traffic effectively to your blog and SEO.

Link Building, Traffic and SEO

Link Building, Traffic and SEO

If you are new in this blogging business, you probably won’t know what link building is all about and what it means to a site. You will probably be too concerned about your google adsense earnings and neglect the most effective way to increase it. Apart from being a source of traffic, quality links from sites with high pagerank pointing to your blog always go a long way in boosting your ranking in search engine results.
Aside from writing quality contents, building quality links pointing to your blog should be your target especially if you desire a huge traffic from google search results. Have you ever wondered how google sorts out search results, placing some sites before others? Are you worried because your site or blog never comes up even when you search for a phrase or keywords specific to your site?
Like they always say, content is king but having quality backlinks is the most effective way to make google notice your content. When search results are displayed, google takes a lot into consideration before ranking some sites high above another. Google uses a mathematical formula called an Algorithm to display search results in order of preference and this involves up to 200 components. Some of these include
1. Use of keywords
2. Pagerank (which is directly proportional to your baclinks)
3. Quality content
4. Traffic
5. How old the domain is
Pagerank is one of the most important. Having sites relating to your blog category linking to your site is a major way to boost your pagerank. This does not imply that you must find links to your site even from sites with low reputation. Backlinks from sites with very low reputation or sites with no relevance to keywords appearing on your site will only hurt your google pagerank and thereby making your site have a lower pagerank.
Google remains the largest source of traffic for your blog and appearing on the first ten results is the only way because nobody will go through millions of search results just to find your blog!
How to Get Quality Backlinks
Now there are two types of backlinks:
1. One way backlink – this kind of backlink is considered the most important as only the site points to your blog without any link to the site appearing on your site.
2. Two way backlink – this too is has it’s own importance but not as effective as the first. This is the case with most directory listing and partnership, you have to link back to sites that link yo you.
i. commenting on blog posts across the internet
ii. partnership (a mutual agreement between site owners to link to eachother)
iii. directory listing
111. paid SEO (paying someone to do all the dirty job)
iv. Encouraging your readers to link your contents
v. posting in forums
vi. guest blogging
These are only some of the various ways to get those precious backlinks, not all. Improving your ranking in search results depend largely on your backlinks, so get as many as you can BUT DO NOT SPAM.

How To Cheat On google Adsense

How To Cheat On google Adsense

Are you a new adsense publisher who thinks the earning is too low? Looking for tricks to increase your adsense earnings? Maybe some black hat stuff to generate fake clicks or some dubious ways to make google pay you more dollars? Well, I guess you’ll definitely have a rethink by the time you’ve gone through this piece. There’s one thing you must know before you start thinking of ways to cheat google – they know already you will try to cheat and they are prepared for you! I never advise people to venture into any kind of dubious adsense revenue boosting scheme as they backfire in most cases.
The most advisable thing to do is to work on your traffic to increase your income. That is the simple and basic fact. Getting huge traffic to your site is the main key to high google adsense revenue but trying to cheat on google might get your account banned and losing every penny you’ve earned. Sad, uh? Well, It happens and I’ve seen a couple of friends get into trouble with google for trying to play smart.
There are some basic rules you must adhere to though if you do not want your account banned:
1. Never click on your own ads no matter how tempting it looks. Trying to hide yourself with anonymizers probably won’t fool google’s system.
2. Never tell people to click on your ads
3. Try as much as possible not to check your adsense account on every computer you can lay your hands on.
4. Never write anything like “click here” or “click me” anywhere near your advert.
5. Makes sure your contents is in compliance with google’s terms of service. Nothing like hacking, pornography, copyright materials, weapon or ammunition, excessive use of vulgar languages, etc. should be found on your site.
6. Do not put more than the allowed number of ad units per page. At present, you can have up to 3 link units, 3 ad units and 2 adsense search box on a single page.
7. You should have a privacy policy page disclosing to your visitors about google’s dart cookies.
Google adsense is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work on your contents and traffic in order to generate some reasonable income. If your primary aim for starting a blog is to make money, you will be disappointed in the first few months and abandon the whole dream. It takes some patience and hard work to reach your desired earning level.
There are still more, these are only the little I can remember for now. And like I always tell people, make sure you read through their boring terms of service just to be on the safe side. And for reference, you may run through this quick guide.

How Many Google Adsense Units Are Allowed Per Page?

How Many Google Adsense Units Are Allowed Per Page?

Are you wondering how many google adsense ads are alllowed per page? Google clearly states the number of ad units allowed per page but a lot of people never took the time to read through the terms of service when signing up. I was using two adsense for mobile unit per page on the mobile version of this blog not knowing I was breaking the rule. I came across one of google’s help articles on adsense guidelines which clearly states that I was going against the big ‘G’ golden rules.
When you add more than three adsense for content units on a web page, only three are shown and the rest won’t be displayed automatically but the case is different with mobile web. The other ads will still show up even when you’ve exceeded the limit.
Google Adsense For Content – You’re allowed to show a maximum of three ad units per page
Link Units – You’re also allowed to display a maximum of three link units per page
Adsense for search – Only two search forms are allowed. Anything more than that is clearly going against the terms of service
Adsense for mobile – Only one adsense for mobile unit is allowed on a mobile web page. There are two types of adsense for mobile unit: single and double unit. It’s allowed to put the single unit anywhere on your web page but it’s clearly stated that if you’re going to use the double unit, it must be placed at the bottom of the page.
Placing more than the allowed ads per page attracts a ban and there’s no excuse even if you didn’t know.

Adding Google Adsense to Worpress without any Plugin

Adding Google Adsense to Worpress without any Plugin

I was using a wordpress google adsense plugin to add google ads to this blog before I saw something that eventually made me change my mind about adsense plugins. I finished writing a post that day, previewed it and saw one of my ad units in a color I never used. Knowing what could be wrong, I checked the publisher’s ID and saw it was totally different from mine! It was only then I realized I had been sharing my revenue with the plugin developer without my knowledge. It was at that very moment I decided not to use anymore wordpress google adsense plugin and tried inserting ad units manually.

Adding Google Ads below the Menu

– Go to Appearance > Template Editor
– Open header.php
– In the very last line, paste this code:

I used this to add a 728×90 leaderboard below the header, see that? You should note the following:
width:950px – this represents your blog width. You should increase or decrease this if there’s a need to do that.
background: #ffffff – this is the default background. If you have a dark you should change the color code to 000000
YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE – Paste your adsense code here

Adding Google Ads below Post Title

– Open single.php
– Locate where the post body starts. If your theme supports thumbnails, it shoul be just before this code:
if(has_post_thumbnail()) {
– Paste your adsense code just before this.
– If your theme dosn’t support thumbnails, you should paste your adsense code just before this:
Below is what it should look like:
how to add google adsense to wordpress without plugin

Adding Google Ads Before Comments

Locate this code in single.php and add the code just before it:
if(comments_open( get_the_ID() )) {
comments_template(”, true);

Adding Goolge Ads on the Sidebar(s)

– You don’t need to edit your template to do this, just go to Appearance > Widgets
– Drag Text widget to your desired position and paste your code inside it.

Google Adsense in Other Positions

If you’re not comfortable with editing your template, there’s a way out.Udegbunam Chukwudi of Patchworkoftips introduced a plugin to me. This plugin’s not an adsense plugin but rather a plugin to define how your post layout looks like. Post Layout allows you to use all sort of text, html, javascript anywhere in your posts and I recommend it.

How to Add Google Adsense Below Blogger Post Title

How to Add Google Adsense Below Blogger Post Title

Your google ads position has a great deal of influence on your daily earnings. When ads are well place in good positions, there’s a big chance of a better CTR.
Google’s TOS frowns on altering the adsense code but it never displays when directly inserted in blogger’s XML based template. For this reason, the ad code needs to be parsed to work in blogspot template. According to google adsense pros, this iw well accepted and not violating google adsense terms.
To insert adsense below your blog’s post tilte:
-Log in to your google adsense account and generate your desired ad code for the ad format you intend to use.
-Now paste the ad code directly in the box below
-Copy the parsed code
-Log in to your blogger account and click on design
-Check Expand Widget Template
-Search the code below:
-In the line above this, paste the code:


-Replace PARSED ADSENSE CODE HERE with the code you parsed earlier.
-Now save your template and the google ad appears right below your post title.

Is Google Adsense Even Real?

Is Google Adsense Even Real?

It sounds rather unbelievable that there are still a number of people out there who believe google adsense doesn’t work. Some believe it’s just another “get-rich-quick-scheme” advertised by those “liars” called internet marketers. Some even believe only the so-called “internet gurus” can make this “adsense thingy” work.
Some encase their knowledge of google adsense in myths and conclude they can never go into it, losing the guaranteed opportunity of ever making some money online. I recently had a conversation with a friend who was kind of skeptic about any online business. He showed the same skeptic attitude when I introduced blogging and adsense to him and that is what actually triggered this blog post.
Google Adsense isn’t just another hype if that’s what you have in mind, it’s definitely real. I started blogging only recently, late 2009 to be precise and I’ve been into this adsense business since. I heard about it in 2008 but I wasn’t a believer like you back then, I though it was “one of those internet scam stuffs.” The basic truth is that it works unlike other online businesses like High Yield Investment Programs with only a fifty-fifty chance of success.
It will never work though if you do not believe in it, if you do not take it as a real serious business. Newbies often rush in and quit in no time because they can not earn $100 in the first month…some try different ways to cheat google adsense and earn more. It surely doesn’t work that way.
It takes a lot of commitment and patience. I got my first cheque after almost a year I took blogging with google adsense as an online business. The good thing about google adsense is that you do not need to invest a cent before you get paid. All that is required of you is a blog with a reasonable traffic. Getting your own blog too is free…you might need to invest in getting a domain name though if you’re keen on that.
Getting your adsense account approved might be quite a hurdle some new bloggers find hard to scale due to lack of right information and some get their account banned within a short period of time. Google Adsense is just like any other business, you must do the required research and get full knowledge about it before venturing in to it else it’s going to be another failed attempt at generating some online income.